Mobius HISE

The Medical Industry strives to deliver the highest quality of healthcare at the point of need with the most cost effective treatments. In order to achieve this goal, it is necessary to have the most accurate, real time access to patient health information. All of this sharing of information must be done while maintaining the privacy and security of the patient health information. Health Information Exchanges (HIE) are being deployed to create communities in which the sharing of patient health information is possible between members of the community. The problem is that healthcare is delivered not within a single HIE community but across many communities including the separate systems of the Military Health System (MHS) and the Department of Veteran’s Affairs (VA). The Mobius Health Information Services Exchange bridges together systems from MHS, VA and other HIEs to individual providers.

The Mobius Health Information Services Exchange (MHISE) combines the functionality of a Health Information Exchange (HIE) with the capability of interconnecting to the National Health Information Network, to other MHISEs, to HIEs, and to individual providers. This technology enables the sharing of patient health information from any source to any source while maintaining full control of the privacy and security of the patient health information through Mobius Information Exchange Services Framework. Policies are permanently enforced with a level of granularity that extends to field level.

The data is encrypted and licenses for access are embedded which grants permissions to the receiver of the patient health information that cannot be over ridden. Because the MHISE is an architecture, not an application, multiple services can be plugged into the MHISE. The MHISE can be configured to provide access to multiple Central Data Repositories (CDRs). Thus images, lab data, and other sources can be shared as part of the Patient Health Record with each component of the health record.

Features and Benefits

To Providers

  • Virtually instant availability of the full Patient Health Record
  • Imaging from multiple sources is protected and made through a single source HISE
  • Enhances the ability to make the most informed diagnosis

To Patients

  • Patient-centric technology ensures the privacy and security of the Patient Health Record under the control of the patient
  • Patients can easily have a private and secure copy of their Patient Health Record
  • Patients can have emergency data easily available on a portable data storage device such as a cell phone

To Clinics and Organizations

  • Reduces or eliminates administrative functions relating to requests and requesting Patient Health Records, referral notes, or additional patient health information
  • Reduces time spent getting approvals, and locating and retrieving Patient Health Record components
  • Simplifies the process of patient referrals
  • Leverages and enhances existing EMR technologies at facilities